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Life by the volcano


Why would someone leave all behind and live on a volcano slope?

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Fermín is a spanish guy who crossed the world to live in a Pacific ocean´s
tiny island called Camiguin and to change his life.

My life in 1 minute

I just turned 30 and the death of a very close friend made me reflect about my life. I thought that it would not be at all significant if I die the next day. I decided to change this and dedicate all my strength and talent to develop a project that will make me grow as a person and make the world a better place to live.

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The happy boy

Born in Madrid, Spain my childhood would have been a difficult one as I was a very introvert, naughty and undisciplined, being a child I was never aware of these difficulties and had a wonderful and perfectly happy childhood life.

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The frustrated performer

My obsession in my teen life was to play the piano. I asked my parents to enroll me in a music school and when they did, I needed a piano and an audience so I frequented a commercial center where there was a piano and played with it while the public are doing their shopping.

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The creative

After finishing secondary school my greatest dream was to be an advertising creative but was very disappointed when I worked in a big advertising agency so I left the job. I started traveling around Europe when I was 21 and when I returned to Spain, I founded Manifesto a group of 10 young people whose objective was to create projects towards applying interdisciiplinary creativity.

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The managing director

At 25, me and Miguel Pereira founded Social Noise, which until now has been the major project of my life. It is digital creative agency that has reaped several successes where I dedicated much of my time for the past five years. I can say that I have achieved personal and professional success, but then I still think that there is still a challenging task that needs to be done.


These are the next phase of my journey.

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Start of my adventure

I decided to leave everything, quit my job and went away from home alone to find me a special place that allows me to realize my ventures in a calm and relaxed way. The place, which I discovered while traveling around South East Asia is the most special of all the places that I have ever been. I instantly fell in love with this place and has never left my mind ever since. Meet my island, Camiguin.


Start to build a home

Camiguin is an island of volcanoes where I bought a one hectare land on one of the slopes of the main active volcano called Hibok Hibok. My home will be built and rise from there, where my plans and adventure will be conceived and accommodate anyone who wants to share my experience.


Start of my projects

I have devised a dozen of activities to do during my stay on the island. These are of all sorts: solidarity, art, adventure, self-discovery ... Throughout the year I will develop projects and sharing them with the world through social networking. Check out my projects here..


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It is said that Camiguin is the most beautiful island in the Philippines, "a real paradise". The island allows visitors to live an experience and enjoy a unique virgin beauty, surrounded by blue waters of the Bohol Sea. There is a way to a simple, protected and undisturbed life in the island and its people are determined to preserve Camiguin´s identity as a unique place different from the fast-paced lifestyle we are having in the west.


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It is a tiny island of lush forest, volcanic splendour, eternal springs, and pristine patches of black and white beaches, majestic waterfalls, year-round festivals, exotic marine life, glorious past, serene surroundings, idyllic lifestyle and jovial people. The truth is, Camiguin is best experienced than described as one gets enchanted by her mystical charm.

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Camiguin is extremely fertile, being a volcanic island. It is almost next to impossible to find a piece of land that is not taken over by lush vegetation. The land and climate have generated unique fruits like "Lanzones", a delicious fruit that was born on this island.

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Camiguin forms part of a chain of islands in the Pacific Ring of Fire and is one of the most volcanic island in the Philippines. In the middle of the 20th century, a lava flow from the eruption of Mt. Hibok Hibok erased small villages on its path to the sea. Today, on your path through the jungle, you can encounter church bell tower that appears to be poking out from the earth.

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The island is a natural spring paradise. If you make your way through the jungle you can encounter hidden mineral water pools in lush palm groves. You can also splash or soak in hot water springs or natural bubbling pool between 20 ° - 60 ° degrees.



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My main purpose to take chances and live in this island is to undertake various personal activities that is not possible to realize in an urban setting.

My life´s adventure in the island.

Select any project and take a look on their description.


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You may want to inspire yourself, take a break or just have a trip to cleanse your mind... I will love to be your host at my home; once built ;)

9°12′35,10 N
124°42′01,30 E

Follow my adventure day by day on Facebook or Tumblr.


Los Angeles

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Camiguin, 9100 PHILIPPINES



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The Three Pieces

Starts on February 21st Category: Creativity Purpose: to learn to play 3 grand pianos in a year.

I've always been a self-taught person on the piano. A great part of the classical pieces that I play today was learned by reading musical scores with my little knowledge of musical language.

It has always frustrated me for not having enough time to compose big musical pieces. One of my many projects is to learn how to interpret 3 major musical pieces over the next year, works which were considered as a major work by many, and will try to do it every single day. These pieces are Debussy´s, Chopin´s and Rachmaninov´s.

To make this into reality, I need to buy a piano in Manila, the capital and move it all the way up to my home on the slopes of Mt. Hibok Hibok volcano.


The Conquest

Starts on February 15th Category: Adventure Purpose: to fly over the island doing paragliding.

I haven't found any information about someone who has flown above the island before. There are no records of anything related with paragliding, parachuting or hang-gliding in Camiguin.

My goal: Be the first person who does paragliding in the island and make an inspirational shortfilm about fly over an island. The above video represents the video idea I want to perform.

I´ve been practicing paragliding from 2 years now and for me is the latest experience of freedom. Do you what to come to fly with me? Just contact me.


The Home

Starts on January 5th Category: Soul Purpose: to build a house on my land and to develop my projects.

In the video above you can see the land where I will build my home, it is an almost a hectare of land located on top of Mt. Hibok Hibok volcano.

Here you can download the architect´s plan made by Sergio Alvarez, a brilliant architect who designed the place where I am going to live and develop my projects.

The idea is to construct a series of structures totally blended in a forested area of the jungle on the island to experience living fully integrated in nature.

Project Image

The School

Starts on January 21st Category: Soul Purpose: to help teach the school children in Camiguin.

The project is to offer my help to the schools in the island through NGOs (non-government organizations) or through the village social welfare program.

Type of lessons I can teach are: Music, information technology, spanish language and photography.

It is of utmost importance to me to support the village where I´m going to live. I can accomplish this by reciprocating the community through this projects.

Project Image

The Storyteller

Starts on January 1st Category: Creativity Purpose: to create two screenplays from two big real stories.

The objective is to create two screenplays about two big real stories. One happened to me years ago and the other is based on Einstein´s death story.

Esther´s story: This is one of the projects of my life. The first part of the script has already been written, but there´s still a lot of work to do. The story is about a girl who was born during the Spanish Civil War and went through different life experiences until she meet me in a present story. The goal of the film is to show the extraordinary life of an anonymous crazy woman who wants to be remembered.

Einstein´s Brain story: Based on a true story about how a forensic surgeon stole Einstein's brain from his body days after his death. A journalist from NYT started to follow the track of this forensic surgeon after 20 years and how this story changed his life. The goal of the film is to demonstrate how big was the intellectual step on human science thanks to Einstein.

Project Image

The Career

Starts on May 15th Category: Professional Purpose: to improve my knowledge about digital innovation & technology

I want to make an effort to improve my professional career and create a new professional profile well oriented towards innovation - technology

What am I going to study? Deep Learning, Social Commerce, Big Data, 3D Printing, Natural User Interfaces, Real life recognition.

Technology Ethics, Gaming, Arduino, Robotics, algorithms...

Project Image

The Whale Shark

Starts on Feb 15th Category: Adventure Purpose: get the PADI and prepare myself to swim with the huge shark.

Camiguin is in the top ten on the list of the best places to dive in the world.

One of my dreams is to dive with the giant whale shark and go deep in the tropical sea to discover a hidden world.

During my stay in the island I will take lessons to get PADI (Scuba Diver certification) and start to enjoy this new hobby.

Project Image

The Cosmos

Starts on Jan 15th Category: Adventure Purpose: to begin to discover the night sky.

For many years I have been fascinated in astronomy and astrophysics, but I have never seen a good starry night sky in the cities that I have lived in.

I want to seize this chance because I will be living on top of the volcano on an island where light pollution does not exist.

I will get myself a telescope to start learning the location of the stars in the sky.

Project Image

The Trips

Starts on Dec 29th Category: Adventure & Professional Purpose: to understand Asia better.

On my first and a half year in the island I will try to spend sometime traveling abroad visiting other countries, looking for new experience and professional opportunities.

I have plans to travel to Singapore, Bangkok (Thailand), Seoul (Korea), Tokyo (Japan), Hong Kong and New York (USA).

My first trip will start on December 29th, on my trip to Camiguin I will stop in Hong Kong and Macau and spend the new year´s eve there before starting a new life in the Philippines.

Project Image

The Vipassana Method

Starts on June 10th Category: Soul Purpose: to learn Vipassana meditation technique.

Vipassana is one of the most ancient meditation techniques in India. Vipassana means seeing things as they really are. Vipassana Meditation leads to freedom and clarity of our essential nature.

It is a process of self-purification by self-observation. It begins by observing the natural breath to concentrate the mind and then, with sharpened awareness one proceeds to observe the changing nature of body and mind and experience the universal truths of impermanence, suffering and egolessness.

I am determined to start to practice this ancient technique during my staying on the island.

Project Image

The Composition Path

Starts on June 10th Category: Creativity Purpose: to be able to compose different musical pieces.

I´ve been composing different melodies and music structures in my piano since I was 14. Composing and improvising have been always a game for me and nothing serious, but it´s time to create something big.

I need to define a style, create a unique sound with a formal structure. My knowledge of music composing is limited, but I should be able to create something fresh from my inner musical talent.

In my island home I´ll have a Grand piano, MIDI Keyboards, Computers and different tools to start composing.

Project Image

The Cinema

Starts on June 10th Category: Soul Purpose: to build a small hall for projecting movies free of charge

The living room in my house will be big enough to install a projector and sound system and invite the islanders for a free movie treat.

The idea is to offer a choice of leisure that is nonexistent on the island with a wide range of movie choices from toddlers to adults.

Project Image

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